Rong Vang Restaurant was established in March 1993. Since that time, in the opinion of consumers, Rong Vang is always in the forefront of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Poland. Rong Vang offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine and Thai food. The staff of the restaurant is well-trained, which is affiliated with the company since its inception. Our chefs have worked in the best restaurants and hotels in Vietnam.

Rong Vang Restaurant Sea Foods Company is subject to United States, which is the general
importer of oriental food and seafood. With the company Sea Foods Poland Rong Vang
Restaurant serves a huge variety of products, spices and fresh oriental vegetables and herbs.
Rong Vang restaurant, guests are often well-known politicians, parliamentarians, diplomats,
artists, athletes, gourmets... who put high demands on us. Thanks to them, Rong Vang standard
is maintained at the highest level.

We would like to thank all guests for visiting us,
we wish you good appetite and satisfaction.